The story of wild culinary elegance

Pavus Restaurant is situated in a small castle that stands on top of a hill, overlooking the spa town of Laško, which is also known for the largest beer brewery in Slovenia.

Pavus Restaurant presents local, seasonal, and creative cuisine, and is ranked as one of the best 15 dining destinations in Slovenia by culinary critics. When Marko Pavčnik creates new dishes – preferably using wild ingredients – he encourages his guests to overcome their prejudices, customs and stereotypes.

Our relationship with Marko and Katja (Marko’s wife) has really grown to a point where we can call each other friends. We are proud of what they’ve achieved so far, and thankful for letting us tell their heartfelt story. We created a documentary style commercial film that enables the viewer an intimate insight into Pavus restaurant background and philosophy.



Client: Pavus Restaurant
Year: 2020


Idea: Katja Gönc, Jakob Šuster
Director and producer: Jakob Šuster
Story and scriptwritting: Katja Gönc
DP: Jakob Šuster, Žiga Krajnc
AC: Mitja Mlakar
Timelapse: Boštjan Selinšek
Grip and production assistant: Alen Hoheger