A story about a man, a dog and a hat

Fedora wines are a tribute to the tradition and dedication of winemaker’s forefathers, their persistence in the rocky, wind-battered reality of the Kobal family’s unique vineyard positions. They represent the fifth generation of the wine-making tradition which started in 1880.

Our goal was to create a story that would reflect the authenticity and essence of Fedora’s idea and it’s founders Valter Kobal and Mojca Tiršek. We fell in love with their work and fully dedicated ourselves to the project: from sleeping in the vineyard, planting new wines in the dirt, to first harvest. Visiting Dolanci, a small village where Fedora cellar is located, we witnessed nearly every aspect of winemaking activities throughout the year. Only then we started to realize what it takes to produce a great wine.


Client: Fedora wines
Year: 2020


Idea: Katja Gönc, Jakob Šuster
Story and scriptwritting: Katja Gönc
Art direction: Valter Kobal
DP: Jakob Šuster
Post: Jakob Šuster