Videoproduction agency specialized in producing eye-catching visuals through captivating stories. By chasing the authenticity, we build visual experiences for brands that people fall in love with.

About us
Black Lime is a modern videoproduction agency focused on producing authentic pieces of quality video content defined by bold visuals and inspiring voice.

We are a team of experienced visual storytellers, producers and videographers, striving to engage audiences through motion visuals. Specialized in planning and producing commercial, documentary, behind the scenes, and lifestyle videos, we deliver high quality visuals with your idea at its core.

Clients value our proactive mindset, eye for detail, and uncompromising pursuit of a quality content. Finding real, honest bits of information around us, and putting them together as we see it, feeds our creative drive. That’s how authenticity is preserved and engaging, believable content created. In a digital world where billions of individuals create instant content every day, we believe it is essential to celebrate realness and authenticity of the present moment through motion frames.

  • Concept development
  • Creative writting and consulting
  • Project management
  • Production management
  • Production / filming process
  • Video / audio postproduction
  • Image
  • Lifestyle / Documentary
  • Corporate
  • Add / Commercial
  • Product

By chasing the authenticity of people and moments, we build visual experiences for brands that people fall in love with. We efficiently combine creativity with expectations and uniqueness with brand voice.

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